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  • ■Deity of the Shrine


    Since ancient times,our shrine is believed to grant prosperous business,good-luck,matchmaking and so on.



    Although we lost a past records by deluge of NIYODOGAWA,it has been said that we had given an images of deity from MIWA,YAMATO(Nara Prefecture) .

    It is handed down that our shrine was founded in 793, and in 880s it relocated at the present place.


    From morning 9:30 of the good days of weather until around evening 4:00 , guests can rub the "SASURI DAIKOKU " in near the hall of worship .


    ■Deity of the Shrine

    An octagonal Mikoshi (portable shrine) was dedicated by Sukekage Hujiwara in 1263. It is designated as a national important cultural property.

    Mikoshi that kid in the autumn festival of November 23 is exactly the same model works size and shape.


    ■FUKUDAWARA-the peculiar amulet of Sugimoto shrine

    FUKUDAWARA - a bamboo grass which is tied a small straw bag and strip of paper - is a peculiar amulet of our shrine.

    It promises a crop of one year and invites you to happiness.

    ■How to enshrine FUKUDAWARA

    1) An ear tip of bamboo grass is best to face south or east to see the sunrise.

    2) Display on the higher and clean place than the eye line.



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