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  • ■How to purify your hands and mouth at TEMIZUYA,Purification Front

    It is a place where visitors can purify themselves by washing their hands and mouths.
    Please cleanse your hands and mouth here before you pray to the KAMI.

    1.Take the dipperwith your right hand and fill it with water.Pour some water over your left hand to rinse it.

    2.Shift the dipper to your left hand and rinse your right hand.


    3.Take the dipper with your right hand again,and pour water into your left cupped hand and rinse your mauth.

     Please do not touch the dipper directly to your mouth.

     Finally,rinse your left hand once more.




    ■Praying Etiquette to KAMI

    1.Bow twice deeply.

    2.Clap your hands twice.

    3.And bow once more deeply.



    When visitors pray in front of the hall of worship,they grasp and shake the rope to ring the bell,then throw a coin into the monetary offering box.

    We don't fix a price because it isn't a fee for service.

    Some Japanese throw a five-yen coin because these coins are called 'goen' in Japanese,which has the same pronunciation as the word for "good relationships".  



    ・Please do not touch your mouth directly to the dipper.


    ・Please do not spit the water into the basin.


    ・Please spit the water onto the gravel around the basin.


    ・Please do not put coins or bills in the basin.



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